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Hope everybody is finding things they like in the new season of anime. It is a Monday, so that means it is time for a new discussion post. Feel free to post questions, comments, criticisms here to your heart’s content. Some thought-provoking examples might be:

  • My kid loves the PreCure series, so I was wondering if “Gushing Over Magical Girls” would be another good show for them to check out.
  • Is the title “Delicious in Dungeon” referring to the food they cook or to how good Falin tastes to the dragon?
  • How does one use healing magic wrong? Can you hurt somebody by doing your magic backwards?

As always, remember to be mindful of spoilers. If you want to know more about how to handle spoilers in this community, check the guide here (also linked in the sidebar).

    5 months ago

    I typically don’t start up with any series until a few episodes are out, at which point I watch 3-5 episodes in one go.

    Based on those episodes I either drop or decide to finish a series once all episodes are out. I rarely follow a series episode by episode each week.

    I’ll be doing that with Dungeon Meshi, though. Too excited to see that manga adapted. Join us over on !, if you are interested!

    I’m enjoying Apothecary Diaries. My sister pestered me into reading it, and now I’m clipping Maomao noises and sending them to her :D