• Mikufan
    2 months ago

    Tailor’s Dummy (a good one, from a wood core, with working joint and covered in a thick fabric with stuffing and fingers) with the soul of a Mage that is locked into it, it can’t speak but he has a companion (wich is essentialy a ignis fatuus) that can communicate telepathically with him and translate to the party.

    Caracter abilities:

    Soak in water -> fire resistance but you get slower and heavier

    Resistance to medium fall damage due to thick stuffing and being sturdy.

    Blunt attacks do half the damage (same as fall damaged)

    No need for sleep or food

    Could be used as torch when soaked in lamp oli (please just ignite a finger and only in extreme need of light without other sources)


    Without water relatively flammable

    Stab and slash attacks do high damage because they rip apart the cloth and may hit the core

    Cannot sleep or eat (or consume alcohol)


    The wooden core has a magic carving, it can withstand some damage and slowly grows back over time but is still the weak point as, when a certain level of destruction is reached, the soul will just turn into a mana explosion

    The outer stuffing and Fabric can be repaired pretty easily with just some medium levels of Sewing (Caracter can do that itself but needs time and some places are only reachable by party members, for example the back)

    Caracter is depressed because he wants alcohol and can’t drink any

    The translator is a little bitch and mocks party members from time to time blaming the puppet for such actions

    (Caracter could technically do a suicide bombing but thats a bad idea)

    Caracter has “extra pockets” that allow him to store items and get one random item a day “Where did that came from” -Translator after seeing the puppet pull out a new puppet as decoy