The Blessing of Liefe: Leave This Magical Letdown Alone!

It is said that Liefes are only capable of conjuring the most difficult and least useful of spells… but that won’t stop Yui from doing what she loves! Despite being born a Liefe, Yui adores magic and learning all she can about it no matter the challenge. The more difficult spells, the better! If only her noble father approved. Deemed a failure to the family name, young Yui and her mother are banished from their own home… but she won’t let that stop her either! After years of struggle and devotion to her studies, Yui is accepted into one of the most prestigious magic academies in the kingdom. Here she will learn from the best magical practitioners in the world—if she can survive amongst all the pompous nobles with more bluster than brains. Constantly ridiculed and undermined by her privileged peers for being a Liefe, will Yui be able to study in peace and prove them wrong? And what ancient mysteries will her research uncover? That is, if the academy doesn’t stop her first…

The Royal Hostage Has Vanished: The Black Wolf Knight Yearns for the Persecuted Princess

Upon his nation’s victory against the Kingdom of Sylvario, Brigandian knight Ark McGuine is sent to collect Princess Sonia of Sylvario, whose hand in marriage had been offered in exchange for lesser financial reparations. But when she doesn’t arrive by the agreed date, he’s forced to spearhead an investigation into why. As a horrible tale of mistreatment and negligence comes to light, he grows more and more drawn to a woman he’s never met, but it all ends tragically: Princess Sonia perished on the way to her new home from her country’s own capital, and her own family members were at fault! Ark eventually returns to Brigandia, despairing over a love that could have been…until he runs into a girl named “Nia” in his own kingdom’s capital who looks exactly like the princess!

The Hero and the Sage, Reincarnated and Engaged

In a world ravaged by war and conflict, Hero Raid Freeden and Sage Eluria Caldwin clashed time and time again over fifty long years as the strongest soldiers of their respective nations. However, their long-standing rivalry came to an inevitable yet bitter end with Eluria’s sudden death. A thousand years later, Raid finds he has been reincarnated—and so has Eluria! The world may now be at peace, but the two have an unsettled rivalry between them and the mystery of their reincarnation looms ominously over their heads. There’s so much that needs to be done, so they decide to…get engaged and attend the Royal Institute of Magic together?!

The Poison King: Now that I’ve Gained Ultimate Power, the Bewitching Beauties in My Harem Can’t Get Enough of Me

Thirteen years ago, a terrible monster called the Poison Queen attacked the Jade Kingdom. A brave party of adventurers defeated her, but in the process one of them was stricken with a curse. In order to survive, she had to pass it down to her own son. Scorned as a cursed child since birth, Caim Halsberg is hated by everyone except his late mother and Tea, a maid working for his family. While his father and twin sister reside in their mansion, Caim is forced to live alone in a forest hut. But everything changes when a certain doctor helps him to overcome the curse and claim its power. Having now become the Poison King, Caim goes on a journey to achieve his one wish—but he never imagined that his poison would have quite the peculiar effect on the beauties he meets!

Dagashi-ya Yahagi: Setting Up a Sweets Shop in Another World

From the day he was born until the moment he died, 25-year-old Yusuke Yahagi never had a say in his life. Even after being hit by a truck and sent to a new world, he was given a job he hadn’t asked for: a dagashi-ya. But the cheap and tasty snacks that line his shop are different from those back in Japan. From Curry Rice Crackers to Anzu Sticks, each item comes with its own special effects. Unfortunately, this new world has no idea what dagashi are! It’s up to Yahagi to teach them about the wonders of dagashi as he builds a new life for himself, selling his stat-boosting snacks to help adventurers in need and earning loyal customers—like the lively pink-haired Meryl, the mysterious man in the silver mask, and maybe even a witch or two…?

The Fake Hero Crashes the Party

A Demon Lord has arisen, and the world awaits a hero. In a peaceful village, two young boys—Foyle Austin and his best friend Yu—have long dreamed about being heroes, but the legends say there can only be one. Their paths forward seem decided when the goddess declares Foyle a “Hero,” while leaving Yu’s destiny unclear. But Foyle has a secret only he knows. The role given to him by the goddess is actually “Fake Hero.” Far from being destined to overthrow the Demon Lord, defeat awaits him at the true hero’s hand, and Foyle has a good idea who that will be. When Foyle expels Yu from his party, he cements his role as the true hero’s adversary. His powers begin to fade as his friend grows ever stronger. Foyle clearly won’t be the one to save the world, but after an encounter with a mysterious elf in need of help, he sets out to prove that even the villain can be a hero to someone.

The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World

Betrayed by his allies and on the verge of death, the strongest exorcist, Haruyoshi Kuga, desired only one thing—to be happy in his next life. Using the secret art of reincarnation, he was transported to another world. Reborn as Seika Lamprogue, third son of a distinguished family of magic scholars, he’s found to have no magical power whatsoever, which is an unacceptable shame in a family of mages. However, he soon comes to realize that his new world’s magic is nothing compared to the sorcery he mastered as an exorcist. With his control over divination, curses, and legions of youkai who serve him, his life in this new world should be a breeze! The only question is: how can he make use of those powers while laying low to avoid another untimely demise?