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  • Just completed Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    It’s one of those shows that I’ve always heard rave reviews about, but never bothered to watch because the synopsis did not interest me.

    But once I watch shows like these, I’d wish I have watched it earlier.

    100gf Mai so good

    Madoka series + Rebellion movie

    The game-like, checkpoint style of time rewind in the Madoka series reminds me of Edge of Tomorrow and Re:Zero. However, it actually came out before them, and executed the concept so well too!

    The story-telling is superb, and soundtracks are amazing. But the best parts are the plot twists.

    It is so good, it is now part of my all-time favourites. 10 / 10

    Incidentally, Magical Girls is now my top-rated genre, at a 100% on my AniList profile. Granted, it is due to selection bias plus a small sample size, comprising just Madoka, The Demon Girl Next Door and Gushing over Magical Girls. I found it interesting as I certainly did not expect it. Perhaps I should watch a few more Magical Girls shows…

  • Here are my thoughts on some series I have watched recently.

    Kaiju no. 8

    This is the third anime of the season that I’ve completed (the other two being Konosuba and Dungeon Meshi). I’m surprised that I did not drop it before the end, given that it is quite a brainless battle shonen. I guess it helped that I cheated by skipping over the boring and filler scenes, and by turning my brain off for the rest of them.

    I love the soundtracks though, especially the insert song Never Break Down which played during the climax.

    Good enough to get a 5 / 10 from me.

    Solo Leveling

    I was planning to ignore this series based on its synopsis and its genres + tags. I decided to give it a go now because of its high rating, and because friends assured me its not battle shonen.

    Big mistake, because it’s way worse than any generic battle shonen. This series screams wish fulfillment.

    I can see how people who are not doing well in their lives can easily project themself onto the protagonist. Like, you are suffering because you drew the short end of the stick and life, and others look down on you. Then you got your big break in life, and yadda yadda yadda.

    What takes the cake was

    Solo Leveling

    the rant he made before dying. That was peak loser behaviour.

    It was so frustrating to watch that even skipping scenes and turning my brain off doesn’t help, and eventually I dropped it at episode 5.

    I’m giving it a 2 / 10. Its only saving grace is that it serves to elevate the top-tier series that I have watched earlier: Odd Taxi, Violet Evergarden, Heavenly Delusion, and 86.

    Mob Psycho 100 (season 1, 2 and OVA)

    I decided to try it out since I’ve heard good things about it. Once I started watching it, some of its art style and humor seemed familiar to me. When I checked, sure enough, the author is also the one who wrote One Punch Man.

    It feels like a mix of One Punch Man and Saiki K, combining Saiki Kusuo’s psychic powers and desire to be low-key with the flashy battles plus humor of One Punch Man. It’s good, but I don’t find it as funny as either of them though.

    I’m still planning to watch season 3.

    On average, it’s getting a score of 7.5 / 10 from me - for now.