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  • Ahhh, gotcha. I checked the links in OP this time and honestly the NFSU version sounds like many radio edits I heard before so I’m not sure what to tell you. Couldn’t find an official radio version to compare but I don’t really hear anything strange there.

    Is it a ham-fisted way to do it? Sure. Personally I chuck it up to the fact not every label bothers with a less noticeable edit for their songs.

  • A lot of explicit music has (or used to have) a “radio version” which silenced or changed the offensive language so they could be used in places and products aimed at a younger audience. That’s what this is.

    Music isn’t the only thing with censored cuts. Have you ever seen old TV versions of mature rated movies? Die Hard, Scarface and many others had swearing redubbed in corny and unfitting ways just so they could be played on the small screen.

    It’s just another way of “protecting” kids from one thing while completely disregarding other, more screwed up elements still present in the same media.

  • We’re almost caught up to the official release (volume 8 ends with chapter 72) so things should slow down significantly soon, if that’s any consolation.

    I completely agree about the story. I was actually surprised how directly some of its rawest aspects are depicted (especially the more “down to earth” ones, these hit me the most so far). It can be rough but I really appreciate that it doesn’t try to downplay or mask what’s going on just because it might make readers feel bad.

    That said, breaks are fine. Not everyone has enough self-control for that but it’s important to know when to pause so things don’t negatively affect you in real life. Congrats on knowing when to step back and take care of yourself!

  • Sure, it wasn’t a perfect song but it did work perfectly in the context of her debut - all the hype, anticipation and worries about how HoloEN is going pan out ended up creating conditions that allowed it to land better than it probably would otherwise. Besides, it’s still fun track, even if it’s a bit cringy looking back.

    While her current music doesn’t really click with me (I prefer her pre-holo work) it’s undoubtedly filled with bangers that brought her an audience she wouldn’t be able to find otherwise, no matter how hard she’d work. Seeing her now, after those few years really shows how much she grew. Both as an artist and person in general. I’m really happy for her.