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  • Is somebody ever completely demotivated with everything?

    Yep, that’s called depression.

    How do you deal with it?

    Medication. Time. Continued effort. IMO, success in life isn’t measured by completion. It’s measured by getting back up after you fall. Amount of progress isn’t the most important thing. Any progress, at all, is infinitely better than none.

    Occasionally I have these days where I don’t feel like doing work or chores. So I’m thinking, why not just enjoy myself, do something that interests me?

    Yep, have those all the time. I wait for them to pass and then when my energy comes back, I do all the things. It’s frustrating because I’m waiting on some unknown energy to decide to make my brain work today.

    Typically I would then waste time browsing or watching videos, but that seems to make it worse. How to snap out of this?

    Yep. Same feeling. I like a few videos here and there, mostly sciency ones, but when I start mindless scrolling, it makes me feel worse and I stop. I usually do something light activity, small task, to get the ball rolling. Clean for 5 minutes. Only 5. Set a timer. I can stop after that. If I want, I can keep going, but stopping is fine.