Maybe I’ll de-lazy-ify myself enough at some point to actually fill this out in a meaningful way.

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    I finally sat down to get this working, might put out an PR soon with some attempts at trying to add hints for people who have dumb problems like me. I got stuck on the room name for matrix, thinking that I could use a local address when I should have just copy-pasted from the log when the bot joined.

  • So here’s the problem with that idea: it means that you would need to keep the entire IP system operating and add more layers on top of it. For example, you would still need to file patents, it is just that the way that it is monetized by the creator would change.

    This means that you still need the same amount of money to keep doing what we’ve been doing, then you need more money because if things like pixiv uploads are eligible you need way more people to track way more things.

    Then you have to actually assess performance of a given thing, be it number of streams / downloads / units sold / etc, meaning that we have to basically track everything happening in the entire economy as well as the entire internet.

    Sounds like a bureaucratic black hole to me, but I will grant you that if it was feasible it would probably lead to more innovation.

    One thing I will add to the end here is that the current IP laws specifically are currently ridiculous, fuck Disney.