I constantly see angry mobs of people decrying “woke”, “critical race theory”, ““grooming””, and whatever other nonsense they made up this week. They march around with guns, constantly appending lib as a prefix to any word they can use to denigrate. They actively plot violence and spew hatred in the open.

You never see the inverse. There is no ConservativesofTiktok getting churches harassed into shutting down for the day or calling in threats. You don’t see cringey boomer memes on the left. And whenever I openly express those feelings, try to create that sentiment; I get shut down. Noone agrees, I’m often shamed and muted. I just don’t understand why that parity exists, it’s extremely isolating to feel so alone in this

  • shani66
    2 months ago

    Fetishization of the concept of civility. Liberals have always preferred a negative peace to even incredibly mild disruption, and that’d include hating people who want nothing more than to see the world worse for everyone. Hang out with leftists instead if you want to see people rightfully angry.