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  • RottcoddtoManga[DISC] Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! - Ch. 27
    23 hours ago

    I think if there was a way to objectively measure and compare it, we’d find that Uruchika has actually gotten the most character development of the lot of them.

    Of course, she started off as almost nobody - essentially just a presence, peering through doorways or around corners. So there was pretty much nowhere to go but up. Still though, it’s interesting how much her role has expanded and how central she’s become.

    And on another note, I’ll never stop being amused by the other characters’ complete lack of surprise over whatever Komori has done this time.

  • Mm… yeah. That’s a good one.

    It started off a bit slow and is still moving kind of slowly, but I think that’s a good thing really - it makes sense in the context. And the supporting cast is surprisingly strong.

    Most notably though, I love the brief moments when that radiant and absolutely adorable Tsubaki suddenly peeks out from behind the mask.

  • Good point.

    I didn’t even think of it at the time, likely because it was written well enough that it just felt natural, but in retrospect, that whole scene was likely a deliberate strategy to give an important side character some final screen time. And deservedly.

    And yeah - I definitely agree about Yui. I thought she was an especially good imouto character but has been underused in general (though she did get a chance to shine in the chapters with her and Suzu, and the whole thing about Chiaki’s little brother crushing on her). It’d just be nice to see her get a moment, and possibly even with their mom.

  • Actually, after I finished that admittedly satisfying screed, I debated whether or not to post it, since from what I saw, this one shares a (somewhat disturbing) quality with Rent a Girlfriend - it’s somehow sort of intriguing and attractive in spite of, or maybe because of, its many and glaring flaws. It wasn’t that it was awful to read - it just got boring and tedious, and I got tired of cringing and rolling my eyes on the mc’s behalf. I suspect that, as I do with RaG, I’ll still read it from time to time, just on the off chance that something satisfying might happen - you know - some sort of character development or progress.

    Though I’m not sure in the long run whether that’s a point for or against avoiding it altogether.

  • I didn’t know that the author of that godawful trainwreck even had another series.

    I was curious to see if he could actually write something good, so I looked it up, then tracked it down and read the first dozen chapters or so, and I’d say the answer is no.

    Well - it is better than Rent a Girlfriend, but only insofar as it couldn’t possibly be worse.

    The basic setup is seven siblings - two boys and five girls (five girls - where have I seen that before?) - who are suddenly told by their fabulously wealthy and conveniently absent father that they’re not actually blood related.

    The mc is the eldest son, who’s actually the middle child. The other son is virtually non-existent, which is necessary because he actually knows how to talk to girls and actually does it, so if he was interacting with the sisters at all, the story would instantly turn into NTR, since the mc is predictably pathetic and the bulk of every chapter, just like Rent a Girlfriend, is his endlessly droning thought stream of insecurity, confusion, doubting and second-guessing. He’s marginally better than Kazuya, but that’s not really an accomplishment.

    The girls are decidedly better than any of the ones in RaG, but again - they couldn’t hardly be worse. They’re really just animated tropes though - the teasingly provocative oldest sister, the emotionlessly provocative meganekko, the twin-tailed tsundere, the cute sporty girl and the painfully shy but secretly aggressive youngest.

    And… that seems to be about it.

    When I got bored with it, I skipped forward to the latest chapter (27), which is one of the sisters basically overtly confessing to him then kissing him, believing that he’s asleep, which of course then leads to him revealing, after she leaves, that he’s been awake the whole time. And what does he do? He shout/thinks to himself, “What the hell was that?!”

    It’s probably safe to assume that if this goes 300 chapters, that’s what he’ll still be doing.

  • Hmm… maybe.

    She’s adorable and I like the premise, but I hate that asshole prince with every fiber of my being, so for me, it all depends on how he’s handled. If he’s subjected to the constant and merciless abuse he so richly deserves - great. But if they try to turn it into a redemption story, there’s likely no way I’ll be able to keep reading it. Right or wrong, there’s almost no chance I’ll ever forgive him, no matter how they spin it.

  • RottcoddtoManga[DISC] Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan - Ch. 209.1
    10 days ago

    Poor Madoka should be one of the contenders, with her status as childhood friend (and the only one who gets to call him Hodaka), but instead she gets generally forgotten, or at best relegated to the kitchen. And the few times she does get a chapter, it’s like this one - like the author suddenly remembered that she existed, and thought he’d better throw her some scraps.

  • Another couple of older completed series that I especially enjoyed and wanted to share:

    Shoujo Fujuubun (Imperfect Girl) - written by Nisio Isin (which IMO should be sufficient recommendation all by itself), it’s quite short at only six chapters and is frankly astonishing. It’s more a coming-of-age drama than anything else, but really defies description. Just read the first chapter and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be hooked.

    ETA - I screwed that up entirely.

    I thought six chapters seemed short, but I haven’t actually read it in a couple of years, and I was going by what Mangadex has.

    It’s actually 27 chapters (I know - that’s a pretty significant difference). Apparently Mangadex just doesn’t have the rest (and the original version of this post linked to them, but obviously that was a waste of time).

    But everything else I said about it still holds (I’m sure of that because I discovered my screw up when I set out to reread it).

    The full run is available at least on MangaSee, under the English title, but I don’t know if I can, or should even if I can, directly link it here. I still strongly recommend it.

    My apologies to anyone who was misled or confused by my utter failure.

    A Methed to Make the Gentle World (Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata) - a very well done coming-of-age romance comedy/drama with an emphasis on character development. Fairly short at 31 chapters, and with a very satisfying ending. And for what it’s worth (it’s not really significant but does amuse me), while most current manga sites changed the spelling and phrasing of the English title or even substituted the Japanese title (as Mangadex has done), that English title, with that exact phrasing and spelling, is actually the title it was originally published under in Japan.