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We are just a bit past the halfway point in the season with most shows at 6 or 7 episodes through their run. Any shows surprise you this season? In a good way? A bad way? Watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes instead of anything modern? Let’s talk about it!

As always, remember to be mindful of spoilers. If you want to know more about how to handle spoilers in this community, check the guide here (also linked in the sidebar).

  • wjs018OPM
    2 months ago

    I am not watching as many shows as I normally do this season. Here are some quick thoughts on each of them so far:

    • Konosuba - Top condition! This show has come back firing on all cylinders.
    • Appraisal Isekai - This has been a fine adaptation. I can’t say that it has done a lot to stand out in my opinion.
    • Level 2 Cheat Powers - Dramatic improvement after a painfully generic episode 1. Rys is probably my favorite wolf girl this season. Sorry Holo.
    • Loser Ranger - This show has really exceeded my expectations. I never really know what is coming next here.
    • 7th Prince - The adaptation has done a good job paying homage to the ridiculous artwork of the manga. I don’t remember liking the story much beyond this point in the manga, so the art will have to carry things.
    • Spice and Wolf - Things have moved pretty slowly in this show. I have enjoyed it, but can’t say it has been my most anticipated every week.
    • Bartender - Nice, gentle iyashikei about alcohol. If there is a larger story at work here, I haven’t picked up on it yet.

    Continuing from last season:

    • Tsukimichi - This current arc has been pretty slow. Looking forward to a more action-y finale coming up.
    • Delicious in Dungeon - Been lots of fun and I am sad that this is going away soon. Hoping that we don’t have to wait too long for a season 2 and end of the story.

    Some things I will keep in reserve for my post next week is that I finished the first season of Apothecary Diaries. I really liked it, so look forward to more of my thoughts on that. After finishing it, I started watching “Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina” and have some thoughts on it so far. I should be done with the show by next week’s post.