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  • This was a bit better. Did they speed through the previous eps just to get to this arc?

    I’m still bothered by the fact that witches supposedly have it hard, but we’ve never been shown this, making it hard to imagine it or understand the whole ‘I don’t want to marry because the kid will have it hard because magic’. Also, being married obviously doesn’t suddenly spawn a kid. If they’re worried about a kid, maybe hold off on having sex (though I imagine magic can be an effective contraceptive).

    The last bit had an odd moment. Oscar asks why he and Aurelia are targeted, but the reasoning is quite odd. Leonora has a grudge against Travis and Tinasha, so she targets others?

  • The AI translation argument wasn’t really about whether nor not it would work, it was people voicing their frustration at Western Localizers making large alterations to apply their own personal culture and politics to a work that did not originally have that.

    That was not the argument at all. Japanese publishers want this to be able to increase production overseas. That was the argument. Translators don’t want this because a: it’s their jobs, and b: it’s very inaccurate.


    Also, the politics insertion is on such a small scale that it doesn’t warrant full scale AI translation in any way. Many of these cases are due to editors anyway and not the translators so AI would not fix this problem. Localization itself is very much necessary. Japanese is conceptually such a different language system to English.

    And honestly, I would prefer grammatically inaccurate machine translations over “localized” translations that deviate significantly from the original.

    These ‘grammatically inaccurate machine translations’ often are so bad that they don’t even get the subject of a sentence correct, completely changing the meaning. Or don’t have context and as such, writes something that completely doesn’t relate to what was previously written. Calling it just grammatically inaccurate is downplaying how bad it can be in my opinion. Human QA can remedy some of it so that it’s more readable, but that’s not enough to actually fix bad flow, misinterpreted meaning, missing context etc. Having to go back and fix shit is much more intensive than doing it right in the first place.

  • 1st half starts fine. 2nd half, it becomes very clear that they’ve skipped a lot of world building, plot development and character development. Some of the world building that is only told, is not shown at all. If anything, the opposite is shown, making some events hard to believe. Characters’ actions/motivations are sudden and only explained afterwards with no proper setup.

    Aside from that, they’re speeding through the plot so hard. It’s not even rushed anymore. It may as well be a summary of the story, especially the latest 2-3 eps. What would usually be climactic arcs fit for the final episodes are done 1 episode. Things just happen like they’re going through bullet points in a power point presentation instead of presenting the actual content.

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    How is this anime this bad at setting stuff up and making a well-paced, coherent plot? One moment some rando is like ‘I hate Tinasha and you shouldn’t marry her, because she’s a witch. Hating witches is normal in this world even though that’s barely been shown’, then a random demon invasion happens and Tinasha can apparently summon those gods from 2 eps ago at will, because of course she can, why couldn’t she, then Oscar suddenly gets poisoned by a servant of Leonora, whoever the hell she is, I don’t think we’ve even seen or heard of yet, aside from maybe in passing, then Tinasha is like ‘aight, blood transfusion time’, heals him no prob (uncurable btw), removes his memories of her for some reason, which proves to be pointless because literal seconds later he remembers, almost dies herself to the poison (I think?) but is then suddenly fine (uncurable btw), no one seems to be really surprised, then has to be convinced she’s in love and they kiss (not for the first time). Convincing Tinasha was in love got dedicated the most time in this ep out of everything that happened.

    Things just happen at this point. It’s not even a story anymore. They skip setup and worldbuilding and just go through plotpoints without connecting them.

  • Great episode with some great character drama. Kumiko was fence-sitting so hard this episode. Luckily, she realised that doesn’t help the situation and said what she actually thinks. Sadly, that seemed to cause a rift between Kumiko and Reina.

    Kumiko hiding her frustration that she didn’t get the soli was a bit hard to watch too. You can be frustrated while also accepting the result. Mayu also doesn’t seem to realise that her need to people please can also be quite hurtful.

    I think part of the reason why people are displeased is that Taki-sensei doesn’t explain his decisions. They are left to figure out for themselves why. Like, why switch Kumiko with Mayu if they’re about even? Why suddenly use 4 tubas and 2 euphos instead of the previous 3 and 3? This was shown the previous audition too, where a tuba player who was less skilled was chosen over a more skilled player. Taki had his reasons, but because no one knew, it was uncomfortable, hence why Kumiko asked about it. To Reina, his rationale doesn’t matter, since she thinks he knows best, but I think it’s fair that people are criticizing him. Sadly, Reina is a bit too utilitarian, unempathetic and biased to see this.

    Maybe it’s a culture difference, but not allowing criticism of your leader seems quite counterproductive. Blind faith is rarely a good thing.

  • Is it necessarily a zero sum game between having fun at band club, and striving to win the prefectural and national championships?

    For Reina, definitely yes. She’s always put results before everything else. Always been a bit unfeeling about how others feel when they fail. I think that’ll be her arcs this season. It gets worse when Taki-sensei is involved in why people failed. She’s incredibly biased after all.

    It doesn’t help that she personally hasn’t failed yet. I kinda hope she fails at some point during this season. Not because I don’t like Reina, but because I think she needs to learn.

    Reina more or less disavowing Kumiko as president, because she dared criticize Taki-sensei, was not unexpected, but certainly sad and a bit closeminded. Not being able to criticize your leaders is not a good thing.