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  • Why did she suddenly sensed Ferdinand? She had developed mana sensing at least two years prior. Is it because of distinct colors? Emotional state? Drained to the point that their capacities matched?

    Rozemyne dismissing his effort to save her because he sees her as a family, just as She saved him from death couple of weeks ago. Must have hurt him immensely. Mestionora has taken Rozemynes core identity. I already know that I want re-read the v10-12 just to catch that distinct change.

    As commoners contain some mana it’s a possibility to dye her in their mana. I don’t know how Ferdi would do it, but it’s a possibility. Still that’s not a checkov’s gun that has been prepared in advance.

    P.S. As books and written word are preservation of memories maybe Rozmyne will get back her memories of her family. Her first notebook with Effas stories or operation Grimm.

    P.P.S. There is a motif as Rozemyne thought her life can’t remember things and invents diptych and forces Philine to use paper at tea parties.