Unnamed Memory, episode 10

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อันเนมด์ เมโมรี, アンネームドメモリー

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  • ReluctantZen@feddit.nl
    1 day ago

    This was a bit better. Did they speed through the previous eps just to get to this arc?

    I’m still bothered by the fact that witches supposedly have it hard, but we’ve never been shown this, making it hard to imagine it or understand the whole ‘I don’t want to marry because the kid will have it hard because magic’. Also, being married obviously doesn’t suddenly spawn a kid. If they’re worried about a kid, maybe hold off on having sex (though I imagine magic can be an effective contraceptive).

    The last bit had an odd moment. Oscar asks why he and Aurelia are targeted, but the reasoning is quite odd. Leonora has a grudge against Travis and Tinasha, so she targets others?